Updates on our company

Hello there. Well yeah, we are still alive and we are still working on HoleOS’s final release. It will be released on February 15, but we need to cancel the HoleOS Event. Instead, we will work on short videos about the new release. I hope you are waiting for it as much as we do!

Have a nice day,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

Where did Peaches go? Why didn’t we hear about these guys in a while?

Hello there!

What happened here? Why didn’t we release or update anything in these 2-3 months?

Well, the answer is simple, we are working on HoleOS Sarti Beta 2 and we are planning a completely new, Arch Linux based distro, and we are trying to fix every major bug that you gave feedback about in Beta 1. We might finish it in December/January and the final release will be on February 15 and it will be announced on the HoleOS Event that you can check out on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for your patience folks,

Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 is out!

Hello there, fellow beta testers!

We released HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 today. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Have fun with the new beta,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

New release: HoleOS Sarti

That’s right, today is the day when we will be revealing EVERYTHING about HoleOS 0.3, which is nicknamed as Sarti, First, let’s start with the big news, the first public beta of HoleOS 0.3 Sarti is releasing on Monday, 24th of August, 2020.

This will be a release in a Series of betas, that will be released until the Final Sarti release (roughly February 2021).

New Features:

  • We switched from GNOME to KDE Plasma
  • Updated Ubuntu 19.10 to 20.04
  • HoleOSicons have been updated to v2
  • PlyAnimation has been updated to v1.2
  • New loading screen after logging in
  • Changed LightDM to SDDM
  • New Boot Chime


In development pictures of HoleOS Sarti:

That's it for today folks,
Victor T. Pereira
Chief Technology Officer

Updates on the website (HoleOS Editions)

Hello there!

Everyone was missing HoleOSbusiness’s and compact’s page, but we did it. HoleOS’s page is now separated: there is a site for every edition.

We made them easier to access, thanks to Domokos Décsi (COO).

You can access HoleOS pages using the menubar

We are trying to make our site user friendly and easier to use. That is a big leap forward.

If you need help, contact us on Peaches Technology Forum, or even on Twitter, Facebook.

Have a nice day everyone,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

HoleOSbusiness is released and we are going to discontinue HoleOSalpha2

Hello there everyone!

I have a really big announcement: we renamed HoleOSenterprise to HoleOSbusiness as it describes the OS better and with that rename, we released the first HoleOSbusiness, HoleOSbusiness 0.2.1.

And now as we are finished with 0.2.1, our step forward would be to work on 0.2.2 but that changes today. We are going to discontinue LTS releases (0.1.3) and HoleOSalpha2 (0.2.2, 0.2.3).

The reason is that we were thinking about why are we doing things separately if we could do them in one single series. That’s right, we started to work on HoleOSalpha3, but that’s not going to be its name. It’s a little secret. But what I meant before is that we won’t have separate releases for LTS because 0.3.x is going to be a full LTS release and we will fix everything that we heard from you, yes you will be able to update the system, new icons, and numerous things will come into that series. We need to work on this project really hard so it’s going to be released in 2021.

We would be happy if you could join as a Peaches Supporter at our Patreon or if you don’t want to spend money which we definitely understand you can disable your ad blocker on our site. Anything above would really help the project.

Now that was a big announcement, I hope you guys are waiting for 0.3 as we are.

Have a nice day everyone, 
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

Forums are here!

We brought forums to the site (again, cause the last time, you could not log in), and you can now post anything about Peaches, you can now ask anything about HoleOS and any other Peaches stuff.

Have a nice day everyone,
Csaba Nagy
GD of Peaches Technology

HoleOScompact 0.2.1 just got released, and HoleOSenterprise 0.2.1’s coming soon

Hello everyone!

We finished developing HoleOScompact 0.2.1 and moved on developing HoleOSenterprise 0.2.1.

This release is the first compact release, it is Ubuntu based, but the second release (HoleOScompact 0.2.2) will be Arch based so the installer will be smaller.

HoleOSenterprise 0.2.1 will be released in early or mid August.

Have a nice day everyone,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

HoleOS 0.2.1’s .iso file is now available, download it now!

Hello, there.

We finished HoleOS 0.2.1’s .iso file and it is available to download!

It works on UEFI hardware, and doesn’t work on Virtual Machines.

You can create a bootable USB/SD Card with balenaEtcher. If you need help, you can check out the guide.

We are working on HoleOScompact 0.2.1 now, it will be based on Ubuntu as well. HoleOScompact 0.2.2 will be based on Arch, but we are not sure about it.

If you have any questions, you can ask Peaches in the comment section.

Have a nice day everyone,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology

We started working on HoleOS 0.2.1 iso file and on HoleOScompact

Hello there!

Peaches wants to bring HoleOS to everyone who wants to use it, so we started to work on the .iso file of HoleOS 0.2.1, it will come in July or August.

And we started to work on HoleOScompact 0.2.1 as well, it will come in July.

We want to satisfy you so stay tuned for updates!

Have a nice day everyone,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology