HoleOS betas

HoleOS betas are created for previewing how the new HoleOS release will look like. It’s not created for everyday use, we don’t recommend installing it on your everyday driver as it doesn’t represent the actual

Download the latest beta, HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 (

Latest beta release

HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 (

Screenshot from HoleOS Sarti Beta 1’s desktop

HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 is a new era of HoleOS when we focus on simplicity and portability. It’s now using KDE Plasma and it is now both UEFI and BIOS (Legacy) compatible, and it can be virtualized.

This is a release in a Series of betas, that will be released until the Final Sarti release (roughly February 2021).

HoleOS Sarti Beta 1 ( Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- Updated to Ubuntu 20.04
- Updated the icons to HoleOSicons2
- Updated PlyAnimation to 1.2
- Loading screen after logging in
- New boot chime
- Changed GNOME to KDE Plasma (desktop environment)
- Changed LightDM to SDDM (display manager, AKA login screen)
- The new HoleOS logo was applied