HoleOS is a Linux-based OS for work and everyday use. This OS is based on the Debian version Buster, and Ubuntu developed by Hungarians and Americans. This OS will be available for any computer, but we want to make this OS to our main OS, that means we want to put HoleOS to our products.

There will be three versions: 

HoleOS – a standard system for work.

HoleOSenterprise – a HoleOS with fully-licensed work-programs.

HoleOScompact – a clean HoleOS there are not any programs besides settings and the browser app.

Logo of HoleOS

HoleOS Series

HoleOS Series explained

Stable series with versions

  • HoleOS 0.0 Series

This series is the first-ever version of HoleOS. It’s not the best, is it?

HoleOS 0.0.1

The 0.0 Series is available for just developers. That’s the place where everything began. Simple Linux.

  • HoleOSalpha Series

The Alpha Series (or 0.1 series) is the first unique OS from Peaches.

HoleOS 0.1

HoleOS 0.1.1

The Alpha Series is available for patrons (exception: 0.1.0 and 0.1.1). It’s not dropped yet, but it will be finished soon.

HoleOS 0.1.1 Changelog:
- The first version of HoleOSicons was dropped to the Alpha series
- The system font has changed to HirukoW01-Light
- You have a full date in the center of the top bar, and the weather forecast went to the right-hand side.
- New wallpapers
- The "Activities" label has changed to "HoleOS 0.1.x" and it has a HoleOS icon next to it
- New GDM, included with a login screen wallpaper which was taken by  Zsolt Fuzessi
- Placeholder applications and app removals

Peaches will send this version to a Hungarian competition, hoping that they will get money out from this, and they would be more focused on this.

HoleOS 0.1.2

HoleOS 0.1.2

HoleOS 0.1.2 will be the first version of HoleOS which will be dropped to our patrons. It’s under development right now.

HoleOS 0.1.2 Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- UEFI Support
- Straight Top Bar
- Removed the maximized app shadow
- Activation Manager
- Boot Chime
- Red X update

HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS

HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS

HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS is the first long time supported OS by Peaches, it will be supported until a new LTS version won’t drop out.

HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- No Legacy support
- Ubuntu kernel update
- pSensor support with an icon on the top bar showing the temperatures of your PC's components
- NVidia support
- Newer touchpads' support
  • Versions of HoleOS (planned):
  • HoleOS 0.0
  • HoleOSalpha (0.1)
  • HoleOSalpha 2 (0.2)
  • HoleOSalpha 3 (0.3)
  • HoleOSpreBeta (0.4)
  • HoleOSbeta (0.5)
  • HoleOSbeta 2 (0.6)
  • HoleOSbeta 3 (0.7)
  • HoleOSbeta 4 (0.8)
  • HoleOSpreRelease (0.9)
  • Hole DC (1.0)
  • Hole MX (2.0)
  • Hole DM (3.0)
  • Hole MV (4.0)

HoleOS Download links

Stable HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS (version 0001):