A hole in the OS history.

HoleOS is a Linux-based OS for work and everyday use.

HoleOS is based on Ubuntu, its Live CD versions are using SquashFS and developed by Peaches.

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Latest releases

Latest stable release

HoleOS 0.2.1

Screenshot from HoleOS 0.2.1’s desktop

HoleOS 0.2.1, or “HoleOS 1st-anniversary Version” is the first version of the series HoleOsalpha2 and the fourth version of the alpha series. It’s now based on Ubuntu 19.10 instead of 18.04 LTS.

HoleOS 0.2.1 Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- Updated to Ubuntu 19.10
- Updated the kernel to Linux 5.0.0-46-generic
- Updated the icons to HoleOSicons1.2
- Changed the Display Manager to LightDM
- Added PeachStore (Application store of HoleOS)
- Added a Screenshot application
- Changed the default browser to Firefox
- New Plymouth theme, "HoleOS PlyAnimation"
- Moved the close, maximize and minimize buttons to the left
- New HoleOS and Peaches logos were applied
- Added a "safe graphics mode" and "debug mode" boot option in the installer, and a "recovery mode" boot option in the system

Latest LTS (long time supported) release


Screenshot from HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS’s (’s) desktop

HoleOS 0.1.3 LTS is the first long time supported OS by Peaches, it will be supported until a new LTS version won’t drop out.

HoleOS Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- No Legacy support
- Ubuntu version update (from 18.04.4 to 18.04.6)
- pSensor support with an icon on the top bar showing the temperatures of your PC's components
- Nvidia support
- Newer touchpads' support



Logo of HoleOS (2020 – )
Logo of HoleOS
(2020 – 2020)Logo of HoleOS

Versions and series

  • HoleOS 0.0 Series

This series is the first-ever version of HoleOS. It’s not the best, is it?

Screenshot from HoleOS 0.0.1’s desktop

The 0.0 Series is available for just developers. That’s the place where everything began. Just a simple, modified Ubuntu.

  • HoleOSalpha Series

The HoleOSalpha Series (0.1.x) is the first unique OS series from Peaches.

HoleOS 0.1.1

Screenshot from HoleOS 0.1.1’s desktop

This version is the first unique build of HoleOS based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which was created for the patrons of the Peaches Tech Project.

HoleOS 0.1.1 Changelog:
- The first version of HoleOSicons was dropped to the Alpha series
- The system font has changed to HirukoW01-Light
- You have a full date in the center of the top bar, and the weather forecast went to the right-hand side.
- New wallpapers
- The "Activities" label has changed to "HoleOS 0.1.x" and it has a HoleOS icon next to it
- New GDM, included with a login screen wallpaper which was taken by  Zsolt Fuzessi
- Placeholder applications and app removals

HoleOS 0.1.2

Screenshot from HoleOS 0.1.2’s desktop

HoleOS 0.1.2 is the second version of the series HoleOSalpha and the second alpha release.

HoleOS 0.1.2 Changelog:
- Bug fixes
- UEFI Support
- Straight Top Bar
- Removed the maximized app shadow
- Activation Manager
- Boot Chime
- Red X update


If you need help with installing HoleOS, you can check out Peaches Guides where Peaches helps people in installing and using HoleOS.

Github page

You can check out HoleOS’s Github page at this link: https://github.com/BenjaminStonawski/HoleOS

Wiki articles about HoleOS

 You can check out articles about HoleOS at this link: https://peachestech.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Articles_about_HoleOS

Versions of HoleOS

  • HoleOS 0.0 (released on June 16, 2019, 12:00 PM [GMT-7], not public)
  • HoleOSalpha (0.1) (released on February 9, 2020, 8:00 PM, public)
  • HoleOSalpha2 (0.2) (released on June 16, 2020, 4:23 PM, public)
  • HoleOSalpha3 (0.3) (will be released in 2021)