Hello, there.

We finished HoleOS 0.2.1’s .iso file and it is available to download!

It works on UEFI hardware, and doesn’t work on Virtual Machines.

You can create a bootable USB/SD Card with balenaEtcher. If you need help, you can check out the guide.

We are working on HoleOScompact 0.2.1 now, it will be based on Ubuntu as well. HoleOScompact 0.2.2 will be based on Arch, but we are not sure about it.

If you have any questions, you can ask Peaches in the comment section.

Have a nice day everyone,
Benjamin Stonawski
CEO of Peaches Technology
    • Hello, you don’t need to install HoleOS if you want to try it. You can boot HoleOS immediately from your USB drive.

    • Hello, thank you for hitting up Peaches.
      1: sadly HoleOS is compatible with just 64-bit computers, but we are planning on a 32-bit version.
      2: every Ubuntu program is working perfectly on HoleOS since it is Ubuntu-based.

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